Eggcups made from recycled marble

The KUCKELEI egg cup is distinguished by its round cut-out and puristic, angular design. With its simple, natural look from recycled marble in Lotus Green this model works with many different tableware collections and brings detail to your breakfast table.

KUCKELEI is made from recycled marble, from cuttings that are produced, for example, in the manufacture of our tabletops. The model shown carries the marble designation Lotus Green. The unique pattern of this natural stone in different nuances from white to gray to green makes each model unique.

As with all JOHANENLIES products, the KUCKELEI Egg Cup is manufactured by hand in Germany under the most environmentally friendly conditions possible.


170.00  VAT included, plus shipping

Recycled marble. Puristic design. Crafted by hand.


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The featured model is made from recycled marble in Lotus Green. KUCKELEI is also available in antique oak wood. KUCKELEI measures 2 cm in height, 5 cm wide and 5cm deep.


Recycled marble


The delivery time is 3-5 working days for deliveries to Germany. The duration may vary for deliveries to other countries.

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