The dining table is usually the central place in the apartment, where the whole family meets. Here is usually eaten not only together, but also spoken, painted, tinkered or worked. A dining table is used in many ways and has to endure a lot. Through regular oiling, a solid wood table can withstand years of intensive use and is a purchase for life. Here you will find a large number of high-quality dining tables, be it a classic solid wood table made of recycled timber, a recycled ash or oak table, a long table made of antique waste wood, a table with linoleum top, a small square kitchen table for a cozy kitchen, or an extension table for extra flexibility.

On request, we can make almost any of our models as extendable dining table. A combination of powder-coated steel and recycled wood gives your dining area a puristic, modern look. On the other hand, a solid wood table looks rather rustic and creates a cozy living atmosphere in the dining room. A linoleum table, on the other hand, convinces with an even and warm surface structure.You want special special dimensions or already have very specific ideas? We customize custom furniture according to your wishes, be it special sizes, a different type of wood or paint, the color of the powder coating of the steel frame or even a completely new design that our designers develop together with you. Please visit us for a personal consultation in our showroom in Berlin or contact us via our online shop and we will advise you by phone or email.

In addition to tables for the dining area in the apartment, you will of course find special upcycling tables for the catering business such as bistro tables or a long table for your restaurant.