Sideboards and dressers are practical keepers for every living area. Our upcycling sideboards made from recycled wood such as timber or waste wood made of oak, ash or walnut represent a stylish eye-catcher and at the same time offer plenty of storage space. Compared to the classic dresser, the sideboard is cut lower and narrower and is therefore ideal for use in the hallway or in the living room, where space may have to be used sparingly. The low sideboard or lowboard is perfect as a base for Smart TV and other electrical devices that can be stowed inside. The dresser / chest of drawers, on the other hand, is wonderful as a storage space solution in the bedroom or dressing room and is an ideal addition to the wardrobe. Both the chest of drawers and the sideboard offer a lot of storage space: behind push-to-open drawers or doors, laundry, in the living room disappears in the bedroom Everyday utensils such as dishes, games or table decorations. Decorative objects are stylishly staged on the floor space. Particularly narrow dressers / chests of drawers are used in the corridor, which, in contrast to consoles, offer maximum storage space despite a small footprint. Sideboards from JOHANENLIES are also ideal as room dividers due to their visually appealing and high-quality processed back and are therefore twice as practical.
The material also plays a major role in the effect in the room: recycled steel is ideal for an industrial style. In contrast, wood looks warm and natural. In combination, upcycling dressers and sideboards made of recycled timber and steel show a reserved, industrial look. Thanks to the minimalist shapes, they fit into any ambience. Fresh color accents in combination with otherwise rather reserved colors and shapes set accents and become the highlight in the room.
You can find the design sideboard or the design chest of drawers in different versions, which we can customize according to your requirements - be it the number of doors, drawers or open compartments, the dimensions, the interior layout, the color & type of Wood as well as the color of the powder coating of the steel frame. We are also happy to develop a new design tailored to your individual living space, style and space requirements. Our designers will be happy to advise you personally in our showroom in Berlin Mitte or you can use our online service by email or phone.