Humans need between six and eight hours of sleep per day - almost a third of the time of day. No matter how long we sleep exactly, we spend a lot of time in bed. That's why we should make the bedroom as comfortable as possible – create a place where we feel completely comfortable. Our high-quality designer beds made of recycled timber provide you with the necessary comfort for a healthy sleep.

With us you can have your upcycling bed designed by our furniture designers according to your individual wishes both online or directly in our showroom in Berlin. Both the length and the width of your bed, we are happy to customize to your needs: be it a space-saving single bed - or even the luxury version among the single beds, the French bed with a width of 140 centimeters - a classic double bed or even an extra 280 cm wide family bed.

Are you looking for a very special designer piece of furniture for your children's room? On request, we are happy to transfrom our design classics to a baby and toddler bed or to a junior bed. Thanks to its flexible bed rail the baby cot is easily transformed into a child's bed.

Like all our furniture, our beds are made exclusively from safe materials under sustainable production conditions.