In the bedroom we come to rest after a hard day, which we should take into account when furnishing this room. Keep the design of the bedroom furnishings clear and puristic, so that the mind finds peace. Use high-quality bedroom furniture to create the ideal conditions for a healthy and restful sleep. When it comes to sleeping, everyone has very individual needs. Some prefer to sleep alone in the classic single bed or the flexible variant under the single beds, the French bed, which with a width of 140 cm offers plenty of space for one person, but is also suitable as a double bed. With the others, however, the whole family sleeps in the same family bed. Or is the child older and sleeping in their own baby bed as an extra bed or even in a junior bed? In the case of back problems, a comfortable height makes it easier to go to bed. Therefore, our custom-made upcycling beds adapt in design to your individual needs. Natural solid wood such as timber or antique wood made of oak, ash or walnut provide a soothing atmosphere. A padded headboard helps you relax with a book in bed before going to sleep. In contrast, a frame made from recycled steel gives the bed a straightforward, industrial look. A colored powder coating looks classy and creates a positive indoor climate through targeted color accents. 
A stylish upcycling bedside table with or without a drawer serves as a practical storage space, which has a functional book, alarm clock or cell phone within easy reach and also highlights decorative objects.
We would be happy to advise you on furnishing your bedroom in our showroom in Berlin Mitte or simply by email or phone.